We are two graphic designers from Hamburg, Germany.
We enjoy art, photography, music and literature. In search of connecting threads we founded »studio othertypes« [fka Charlotte und Jona] in 2016.
Focusing mainly on printed matter, we find great pleasure working within the fields of graphic design, typography as well as in research and curatorial activities. We are dedicated to finding the design that suits everybody we work with individually. In doing so it is not just about giving information and content a crisp covering but rather about extending thoughts and creating a new and inevitable continuation. Rarely interested in the sheer »en vogue« but rather in search of the shoe that fits the foot best. And if you don’t like shoes consider the warmth of a pair of hand-knitted socks.

2016, Charlotte Gosch & Jona Caspar Bähr

Feel free to contact us for collaborative work, or any thing you want to know: hello@othertypes.com