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02/2024 02/24

The website of the scenographer Anja Lilia Cambria Oellermann showcases the diversity of her work. Anja Lilia Cambria Ollermann navigates effortlessly through various spatial disciplines and works both in analogue and digital. Her work encompasses the conception and implementation of stage sets, exhibition design, and spatial interventions as well as work in the digital, three-dimensional space — developing VR experiences and AR interventions.

The design of the website is clear and consistent — a straightforward grid treats each project equally. The arrangement of the menu items and the overlay of filters above the projects create a spatial feeling resembling a floor plan. The individual project pages are positioned freely and playfully, conveying a sense of each respective project.

Typefaces: Pleasure Standard by Pizza Typefaces & Space Mono by Colophon Foundry.
Template: Lay Theme by Armin Unruh