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Planning and designing visual identities is one of our core expertise. We develop corporate identities and corporate designs for cultural institutions, companies or events. The creative process begins with a research phase that includes an analysis of contexts, markets, competitors and current design trends. A constant dialogue with our clients is crucial to us from the first meeting to the final implementation. On this basis, we develop a unique and precisely fitting design language that combines topicality and longevity. In this way, we ensure that the brand presence, the visual identity or the portfolio represents the creative DNA of our clients. In addition, we offer workshops to jointly explore and understand our clients’ needs.


We design books, magazines, annual reports, brochures, posters and flyers. In short: everything the print sector has to offer. We accompany the entire process from the development of initial ideas to the final implementation. For the latter, we draw on our expertise in print finishing. We accomplish the print production in cooperation with a network of trusted and certified sustainable print shops. In this way, we ensure that not only environmental requirements are taken into account during print production, but that CO2 compensation is also guaranteed.


We design websites and develop digital visual appearances for companies, cultural institutions and artists. First, we analyze the individual requirements of the website and then deal with the visualization and its functionality. The user-friendliness of the interface is just as important as a functioning technical framework behind it. Accordingly, we implement content management systems, design UI/UX and program diverse content. For complex technical processes, we rely on partners who also support us in the production of animations and moving image formats.


Book design is our greatest passion and a craft we learned from scratch. We understand books as works of art; not merely as pure information carriers. Our goal is to translate the content into the design and choice of materials. In doing so, we consciously follow the philosophy of Ulises Carrión, who wrote in his work The New Art of Making Books: “A book is a sequence of spaces. Each of these spaces is perceived at a different moment — a book is also a sequence of moments. (...) To make a book is to actualize its ideal space-time sequence by means of the creation of a parallel sequence of signs, be it linguistic or other.” Consequently, our task is to curate successive moments, appealing to both the visual and tactile senses. Always unique, never formulaic, and exciting to the last page. Our portfolio includes scientific as well as literary works, prose and poetry, anthologies, photo books and artistic publications.


We accompany the development of films from the design of the lookbook to film posters, film titles and credits. For this purpose, we intensively deal with the artistic vision of the film, translate it into a suitable design language and continuously involve all parties involved in the creative process. In addition, we take on the development of press kits or digital advertising formats, thus providing uniformity and recognisability.


Music inspires us and is an essential part of our creative work. We design vinyl, CD and cassette covers as well as digital releases. In close cooperation with musicians or labels we develop a graphic concept that corresponds to the content of the music. We translate sound, lyrics and artistic visions into a visual form that creates a holistic experience. For optional photo shoots we work with a diverse pool of photographers.


We develop design concepts for exhibitions or trade fairs and take on curatorial tasks according to the individual requirements of artists, companies or galleries. The implementation of signages and installations are also part of our expertise.