bureau for graphic matters
05/2022 05/22

Breakaway group, four riders, eyeing each other. Billboards pass by in the background. The rush of speed. What should never be forgotten? That’s right, drinking. 
This drinking bottle was created in collaboration with the amazing illustrator and artist Moriz Oberberger, . Black print on a white background, should fit in any bottle holder on the bike or in the bag on the way to the gym.

Moriz Oberberger, born in Bolzano (Italy), lives in Amsterdam as an artist, illustrator and animator. Through drawings and animations he explores the potential of speculative and non-linear narrative forms. Things and figures, created in a predominantly impulsive and playful process, take on whimsical and humorous traits. His personal visual language flows into various commissioned works for cultural institutions, magazines, community projects, music videos or children’s books.

Illustration: Moriz Oberberger
Print: 1-colored screenprint, black
Edition of 50