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Für den Moment
09/2019 09/19

Sebastian Król aka Karwendel is a singer-songwriter from Hamburg.
Für den Moment (For the Moment) is the second publication including his lyrics and poems. His work is characterized by ephemerality and abstractness, this is reflected in the music as well as in the lyrics. In this volume we used abstracted images of trees and tree bark to approach the subject matter. In addition to the typographic design of the title on the cover, there’s a line of numbers marking the progressing age of a tree. Different distances show the uneven widths of the tree rings. The arrangement of the poems and lyrics follow the melody of the songs, creating a sonic world in the typography.

Typeface: Burgess Pro by Colophon Foundry
& Founders Grotesk by Klim Type Foundry
Size: 170 × 235 mm
Paper: Salzer EOS, 1.75, 100 g/m²
& Peyer Peydur Feinleinen, 220 g/m²
Print: 2/2–colored offset, black + Pantone pastel
Edition of 100