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Kinematic Cache
08/2022 08/22

Kinematic Cache is a project by Taiwanese artist Yu-Ling Hsueh. Her project deals with the construction of a tunnel through the Xueshan mountain range in Taiwan and the soundscape it produces.
It is a transparent cassette that reflects the hollow space of the tunnel and allows light to shine through the cassette. The arrangement of Chinese characters and Latin letters overlap. The inlay is a leporello fold, which in turn also suggests the association of a tunnel. The abstracted topographical image on the back of the leporello radiates something sonorous, as does the arrangement of the texts.

Typeface: Bastardo Grotesk*isch by Giulia Boggio, Noto Serif TC by Google Fonts
& Arachne by Leonhard Laupichler
Size: 570 × 147 mm (Booklet)
Print: Risograph, 1-colores pad on-body printing
& 4/4 CMYK-Offset
Edition of 100
Format: Cassette