bureau for graphic matters
Release concert: Karwendel & Noth
09/2023 09/23

Poster and flyer design for the joint release concert of the two bands Karwendel and Noth in November 2023. The two bands come to celebrate their new records with a large line-up, Noth even with 10 musicians.

The title of the concert is playfully arranged and creates the feeling of joy and upswing through the diagonal rising to the right. The information about the event, on the other hand, is clearly structured so that it can be grasped quickly.

Typeface: Boogie Shool Sans von Or Type
Size: 594 × 841 mm, 105 × 148 mm
Print: 4/0 & 4/4 CMYK offset
Edition flyer: 1000 copies
Edition posters: 250 copies