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Film Poster
01/2019 01/19

The film Mauerrufe by Katharina Binz is about the attempt of the relatives of inmates of the detention center in Hamburg to communicate with their loved ones. It is often women who stand at the fence in the park "Planten un Blomen" and call out to their husbands standing in the windows. The title is the key element of this film poster. A grid is created though the arrangement of the letters, hinting at jail bars. Through an analog process using a slide projector, shadows of branches and leaves are cast onto the letters. The strong noise of the black and white film is also incorporated into the design.

Typeface: Norbert by Philipp Neumeyer
& Suisse Intl. by Swiss Typefaces
Size: 594 × 841 mm (Din A1)
Print: 4/0 CMYK-Offset
Edition of 250