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Within Without Vol. 02 – Legacy of Love
10/2022 10/22

The New Art of Making Books by Ulises Carrión was what brought Within Without and studio other types together. A text that was written in 1975 and something that our studio has been going by since the beginning. It is about the significance of the form of the book as a space-time sequence, a sequence of spaces that can contain any (written) language or other forms of signs. As a kind of manifesto about book design it can be found on our website and Iuckily Iona’s (Within Without) path led right to it.
We kept this idea close to our hearts collating each contribution into the space of this book. We thought about how the topic Legacy of Love could be translated into the design. By creating unusual openings and cavities in the layout it suggests that something or someone is missing that was once there or a mark of love in its various forms that is carried on. This notion is portrayed in the sometimes erratic typesetting as well as the use of white space throughout the book.
The colour red was an obvious choice. The gradient from light to dark red emphasizes the change and transience. It becomes lighter towards the spine and darker on the outside edges creating an eternal circle around the book.
Different types of text is laid out in distinctive ways. Additionally running text is characterised by a red gradient deriving from the spine, as if it was bleeding though the pages from the base of the book.
The details in the shapes of the typeface GT Alpina by Grilli Type portray the warmth and expressiveness that we wanted to accentuate. It reflects the emotionality of the topic and ensnares the content beautifully. This typeface is contrasted by the Default Sans by Scott Vander Zee; with its very clear and open shapes.
The structured paper of the cover of this book is very tactile and might feel like linen. This gives the object warmth and familiarity. The paper inside is slightly rough and fine so that darker content can make a mark on the adjoining pages, coming together like an uninterrupted flow of texts and images.
It is a story of birth and death that is being told. A continuous cycle that plays into the transient nature of the matter. The contributions are not laid out in a linear way but are a sequence of associations. Symbols at the bottom of the page guide the way through the space of this book. One symbol is assigned to each contributor. The list on the inside cover functions as a key to the abstract symbols and by using these, it ties all content together in a continuous train of thought, without hierarchy.
Thank you to Iona for trusting us with this project and for allowing us to work with so many different perspectives on the Legacy of Love, shaping ours in return.

Typefaces: GT Alpina by Grilli Type
& Default Sans by Scott Vander Zee
Pages: 104 + 6
Size: 170 × 220 mm (Din A5)
Paper: Peydur Feinleinen, 220 g/m²
& Munken Pure Rough 1.4, 100 g/m²
Binding: Swiss brochure with open spine
Print: 4/4 CMYK-Offset at Gutenberg Beuys Feindruckerei, Hannover
Edition of 400